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Profi Dry Lube 400ml

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Profi Dry Lube 400ml

Profi Dry Lube 400ml

PROFI DRY LUBE is the unique, dry chain lubrication, which was developed particularly to take care of modern sealing ring chains. Several years of development and testing has created a product, in which motorcycle riders across the world trust to protect their chains.

Whether in the sand of the Namibian desert, with topspeed on German motorways or on racing courses of all kinds ... PROFI DRY LUBE works under all operating conditions. The special formula ensures optimal lubrication and sunstantially extends the life span of your motorbike chain.

How it works:

With PROFI DRY LUBE the metal surface of ypur chain is sealed & coated with a microfine PTFE coating allowing the chain to rotate easily, cleanly and with minimal friction. Unlike grease, PROFI DRY LUBE does not trap any dirt and so it protects your chain against the wear and sandpaper effect caused by dirt particles trapped in the grease. This will extend the life span of the chain substantially while reducing the rolling friction at the same time.


Because PROFI DRY LUBE cannot be spun or washed off, it only takes a few grams for long lasting protection. Compared to other products, PROFI DRY LUBE replaces about 2 - 3 cans of regular chain lubrication spray. The 380ml Standard-Can is quite enough for thousands of kilometers.

If you switch from grease lubrication to PROFI DRY LUBE, the chain set should be new (max. 10.000km, street used). Greasy and dirty parts should be cleaned once.

Once you have tried Prof Dry Dry Lube you will never use anything else.

400ml spray can.

(NOTE: due to the aerosol nature of this product we are only able to ship within the mainland UK)

Customer Reviews

  Excellent quality service  Even though my order was small this did not make any difference to the efficent way my order was handled and dispatched. Shall use again. 100% professional.    James Cassidy - Newton Abbot Devon

  No More Fling!  Keeps the chain lubricated, protected from moisture, and quieter. Last for ages but the best thing is NO MORE FLING! No more cleaning oil from everywhere. I have tried many lubes and waxes over the years, nothing touches this product.    Chris Skelton - Boston, Lincs

  Profi Dry Lube  Still does exactly what it claims. I do 65 miles/day on a Honda 600 CBF commuting to London on M4 and urban roads. On second set of chain & sprockets at 48K miles. Excellent product backed up by a friendly and very efficient service from Performance Motor Products.    Andy - Ascot

  The Best  Probably the best chain lube you can buy,Very little fling, if any.    Paul - Belfast

  Profi dry lube prolongs chain & sprocket life.  Used it from new & first set of chain & sprockets lasted 32K miles. Used at directed intervals & also after each rainy trip. Does exactly as it claims and am very pleased with it. Will readily recommend this product.    Andy Crocker - Ascot

    Quality service delivered with a smile; Super quick and polished. Bikers you need look no further for the best customer service Ive experienced in a long time.    Martin - bromley

  Excellect Product  Excellent service came when it did used it no mess chain and sprocket dry and clean Thank you    Tony - Peterborough

  The Best  Been using this a couple of years now and would say its the best i've used. Hardly any flick off maybe a very very slight amount after you have applied it, but i would say its the best you can get for your chain and lasts for ages.    Adrian Shaw - Derbyshire

  Profi Dry Lube  Excellent product. I've used many chain lubes, and this is the best by a mile. I will now stop searching for the perfect chain lube I've found it.    Bill - Kent

  Brilliant  Really works well - keeps the chain lubed without getting oil / greece all over the back of the bike so it stays nice and clean. Also, it's not tacky so grit does not stick. I use this on my R1 and after 14K miles still on the original chain.    Chris - London

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