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Professional Water Wizard

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Professional Water Wizard

Professional Water Wizard

The Microfibre Water Wizard reduces drying time with less wring-outs by absorbing double the amount of water compared to traditional terry towels. The extra large 56 x 76cm waffle texture wrings out easily and leaves a spot free finish.

Customer Reviews

  100% satisfied.  Excelent product at a good price, will buy again.    Robert Richardson - York

  Water Wizard Excellent  The water wizard was recommended to me for drying the shower cubicle and I am not disappointed. I realise that it is really for cars but it works really well on the shower glass and tiles leaving it dry and shiny in minutes. Only one question is it possible that it could be made smaller ??    Pauline Neck - Grayshott Surrey

  100% Satisfied,   One of the best product I have bought in ages, (equalled only by the bilberry wheel cleaner). A pleasure to use and perfect results. Surface gleaming & dry in a couple of minutes.    Pam - Lancashire

  Waffle Weave Microfibre Drying Towel  Decided to try after receiving Performance Motorcare Products e-mail. Not disappointed, a pleasure to use. Good large size, can dry car within minutes, leaving surface clean and shiny. No more chamois for me. Delivery and service excellent.    Mark - Bournemouth

  Just buy one, you won't be dissapointed  This drying cloth is fantastic, much better than any sinthetic chamois. It soaks up most of the water on first pass,then just another wipe over and your car is dry. I use this cloth to dry my mohair soft top and it work perfectly without leaving any bits on the roof    Dave - Leeds

  Excellent  If you have never used a drying towel before you will be truly amazed. Very efficient, great performance and fast. Car is ready for buffing after one pass.    Philip Jones - Gloucester

  Amazing  WOW what a product. Decided to buy this product when i read the description. And i was not disapointed. Had the car dry within minutes. Even left a shine after usung the sonex shampoo. Picked all the smear marks up, not a mark on the car. Well woth the money and highly recommended. Go for it    Andy - sunderland

  Excellent Product  This super absorbent drying towel is amazing.I, personally, don't find it too large. Just fold it in two if you have a problem with the size. Doesn't leave streak marks and I live in a hard water area. Fast and efficient. Washable but don't add fabric conditioner to the wash - so I'm advised.    -

  Good Value  If you have never tried a drying towel before this could a good place to start. Safer than a leather, less chance of trapping dirt and marring your paint work. Good value compared with cost of leather. Different technique required as its size is comparable with biggest leather but machine washable    Brian Reed - Solihull

  Works well  The only drawback with this cloth is that it is so large it is difficult to handle and wring out to any semblance of being dry.    -

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