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Car cleaning products

There exists a whole range of car cleaning products for both the inside and the outside of your car. Wise owners invest in specific car cleaning products because they are designed to deliver a stunning finish while protecting the paint job at the same time. Some people believe that washing up liquid or ordinary domestic soap will do the trick. Nothing could be further from the truth. Car cleaning products have a delicate balance of chemicals in them which have been carefully selected to get rid of dirt without damaging the finish. Using anything else may not cause immediate damage, but over time the paint will lose its shine and the vehicle will look old.

We at Performance Motorcare have all the car cleaning products you need to give your car that wonderful clean feel and smell. We stock an extensive range of car cleaning products for your vehicle, be it a Ford Fiesta or a BMW 7 series. Those who buy car cleaning products from us can be sure they will get the top brands at affordable prices.

Using exterior car cleaning products

Keeping a car's exterior looking fresh and clean is vital, as a dirty motor will be looked down on. An Aston Martin covered in dirt and grime loses some of the sparkle and excitement that cleaner models generate. Therefore, using car cleaning products is essential so people can admire your wheels. The main car cleaning products you will need are car shampoo, car polish, car wax and windscreen cleaner. It is important not to substitute any of these for washing up liquid or other items, as they are not fit for purpose.

After buying car cleaning products to get rid of the dirt, you will need to invest in a microfibre cloth or wash mitt to wipe away any residue. You should not be tempted to use an old rag to do this, as they can scratch the paint and spoil the finish.

Using interior car cleaning products

As not everyone gets to see the inside of somebody's car, many drivers do not maintain them as well as they might. This means rubbish builds up, smells begin to linger and the interior becomes an unpleasant place to be.

You can also use the same car windscreen cleaner you used on the outside to wipe away dirt on the inside. It is important that you use dedicated interior car cleaning products specifically designed for windscreens, as other solutions may not be as good.

To maintain a nice smell in the car, you could invest in air fresheners which can help get rid of cigarette odours and others. Be sure to vacuum the car before using car cleaning products for the interior, as this will allow them to work more effectively.

PerformanceMotorcare |  Products by Type