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Poorboys Wheel Sealant 8oz

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Poorboys Wheel Sealant

Poorboys Wheel Sealant

Use Poorboys Wheel Sealant for long lasting wheel protection to your car or bike alloy, chrome and other wheels.

Like any good car or bike enthusiast, you wouldn’t dream of leaving your paint unprotected, but what about your wheels? They encounter all the contaminants that paint does plus brake dust, the worst of them all. It can eat through clear coated wheels and even cast aluminium and chrome if left unattended.

You would have to clean your wheels very frequently to keep them brake-dust free, so take the easy way out and coat them with Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant. This protective coating blocks out brake dust and all other contaminants so you don’t have to continuously clean your wheels to keep them in great shape.

Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant applies a clear barrier against dirt, brake dust, tar, bugs, water, and anything else that impacts your wheels. Because these contaminants are unable to penetrate this barrier, pitting and corrosion are prevented and your wheels remain clear and shiny.

Wheel Sealant literally seals out contamination so your wheels are easy to clean. All the dirt and debris sit on top of this barrier so they wipe off with little effort. Even sticky brake dust wipes off the slick wheel surface. Water beads on Wheel Sealant just as it does on protected paint, so water spots are not an issue.

Apply a coat of Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant to any kind of wheel.

8 oz. Tub.

Customer Reviews

  Brilliant results  I recently bought a quality wax and ended up spending a weekend treating my car....never again I thought. Reading up on Poorboys I hoped I wasn't making the same mistake. You can imagine my delight when I found how easy it is to apply and how remarkable the results were. This is a superb product.    John - Midlothian

  Good Stuff !!  Like many of us I like to keep the car clean without turning it into a career !! (I'll leave that to the experts !) This stuff certainly helps me out, it is easy to use and protects the wheels too. A word of warning though: it is pink and it stinks !!    Colin - Lower Gornal

  Leading Product  If there isone thing I hate cleaning then it's the alloy wheels. Poorboys makes that task more bearable plus it's good.    -

    Requires a few applications to really get a seal on the wheels, easy to put on and wipe off, once done the brake dust just washes off would recommend this to keep your alloys gleaming.    Ray - Scotland

  Poorboys Wheel Sealant - really delivers.  Have found this product to protect alloys from discolouration due to brake dust. No more need to really scrub wheels to remove dirt after product is applied as it fairly wipes of with ease. Very easy to apply and buff up, after a few applications over a period it really maintains the appearance.    Andy Young - Edinburgh

    this product is great, i took my wheels off and washed and dried them, then applied the sealant. the whole process takes a little bit of time but my wheels have been clean with hardly any signs of brake dust on them, very happy with this wheel sealant.    Eddie - Edinburgh

    very good ...brake dust just washes off, know effort at all.    -

  Poorboys wheel sealant  I have a 8 Mercedes the alloys are in a very good condition. I decided to give Poor boys a go and received an excellent results. It easy to use and combined with a little elbow grease on hard to remove specks of brake dust. What a result.    Roger Pescodd - Isle of Man

  Sparklie smooth wheels  Make sure the wheels are ultra clean then rub this on (like pink soft ice cream) buffs of SO easily and the wheels look great,no more scrubbing to get brake dust off most comes off with power washer or just use your wheel brush and a bucket of water, without hard work or harsh chemicals easy peasy    Lady Kristal Martin - ESSEX

  GREAT STUFF   Easy to use ...does what its supposed to do. Great on classic car wheels. I use it every time and the wheels come up a treat.    H - Cornwall

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