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Pinnacle Microfibre Rejuvenator

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Pinnacle Microfibre Rejuvenator

Pinnacle Microfibre Rejuvenator

Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator now includes a 3 oz. measuring cup with every bottle. Pour exactly the right amount to clean and soften all your microfibre cloths, towels and tools. One ounce for small loads and two ounces for large loads.

Don’t drown your microfibres, clean and restore them with Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator!

Microfibre towels fly off our shelves everyday, for good reason. Microfibre products can have over 200,000 strands of fibre per square inch, which means they are softer and finer than silk. Regular detergents are not strong enough to completely eradicate stains between each fibre. Pinnacle put their thinking caps on and came up with a specialized formula, Pinnacle Micro-Rejuvenator Microfibre Detergent Concentrate.

You will see how easily this formula lifts the heaviest of stains. It truly is a scientific breakthrough, and Performancemotorcare are pleased to be able to offer it to you! Here are reasons why Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator differs from regular detergents:

Developed Specifically for Microfibre: Microfibre is different than any other fabric, which is why we recommend it for many detailing projects. In addition to many having over 200,000 strands per square inch, microfibre towels are soft and plush. They absorb water at a faster and deeper rate than regular towels. You may have already found that some microfibre towels still have stains after washing. Say goodbye to those stains with Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator.

They’ve used only the best ingredients, which allow Micro Rejuvenator to break down, suspend, and remove elements from microfibre towel fibres. Within this extraordinary formula is a powerful degreaser which breaks down chemicals within the towel, extending its life. That is the rejuvenation. You will see your towels looking brighter and feeling softer with each wash. You can also use Micro Rejuvenator on cotton and chamois!

Fresh Smell. Do you really love how freshly washed clothes smell. Uncapping the Micro Rejuvenator bottle, is like stepping into a fresh spring meadow. The scent is clean and non- perfume, leaving your towels fresh, fluffy, and stain free. There are no harsh chemical odours!

Scientific Breakthrough. Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator really does work like no other formula, due to the specific blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents and water softeners. Magnesium and calcium harden water, and over time our towels feel the brunt as they get stiff. Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator rids towels of these hardeners, making the fibres more pliable and soft. Grease and oil residue build up on towels and can cause problems as well. Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator will lift petroleum based stains, allowing for easy removal during the washing process. There are no bleaches or fabric softeners, which can cause microfibres to decay over time.

Easy to Use. For a small load, add 1oz. (approximately 4-5 capfuls) to your wash. For a full load, add 2oz. (approximately 8-10 capfuls) to your wash. For heavily soiled items, add 1oz. to a 5-gallon bucket filled with water and let soak. Submerging your hands in treated water may cause them to become especially dry, but do not be concerned. This is a non-toxic formula and that effect is caused because this formula is so powerful. Like many Pinnacle products, the Micro Rejuvenator is biodegradable.

16fl.oz/473ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

  Great  Good to use - i leave in a bucket to soak over night rince and dry ready to use.    Anthony - norfolk

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