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P21S PowerGel - 500ml

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P21S PowerGel - 500ml

P21S PowerGel - 500ml

Originally developed in 1976 by a German chemist, P21S is a water-based, (non-acid) detergent that provides terrific cleaning and guarantees not to damage painted, clear-coated, or anodized wheels.

This latest PowerGel formula is designed to remove more persistent contamination like extreme brake abrasion due to heavy or sporty driving styles. Is extremely fast in effect and application (only 3-5 minutes impact time!) and absolutely acidless.

Specially strong against hard dirt
Fast in application and effect
Acidless - NO material attack

Ideal for use on painted or anodized wheels.

The following video shows how to use P21S Powergel and how effective it is at removing brake dust. The narration however is in German but the video "speaks for itself".

The Pump Spray Kit contains a 500 ml bottle, sponge & spray head.

Customer Reviews

    This is good stuff, cleaned the ingrained brake dust from my STI wheels no problem, spray head is not the best, used an alternative spray bottle to get better coverage    Ray - Scotland

  The answer to my prayers!  I contacted PMP for a product that would clean my brake dusted wheels - BBS Gold on a Mazda Eunos (MX5). This product was recommended and is fantastic - OK is does not really spray well but it cleans off pitted brake dust and leaves a wonderful gold finish. I recommend P21S everytime.    Cedric Sherif - Southampton

  Wunderbar :o)  100% delighted. The front alloys on my A150 Mercedes has become yellow with brake dust so when I changed the brakes, I decided to invest in P21S. I sprayed it on, left it to do its business for 20 mins, agitated it with the sponge and then washed it off 15 minutes later and hey presto, like new :o)    Mark - Blackpool

  Being a linguist helps.  Product OK.Instructions are in various EU languages, but unfortunately not English. You have to ask for an English version to be sent separately. (NOTE from PMC - Apologies - our mistake - should have added english label and instructions at despatch which is normally done.)    Ian G - Berkshire

PerformanceMotorcare | Products by Brand | P21S |  P21S PowerGel - 500ml