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Optimum Car Wax Liquid Spray 504ml

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Optimum Car Wax Liquid Spray 504ml

Optimum Car Wax Liquid Spray 504ml

What if your car wax could do more? More protection and more shine, but not more effort. It could be the perfect wax. Now the dream of car care enthusiasts is a reality with Optimum Car Wax.

Optimum contains UVA and UVB absorbers to shield your paint from all the sun’s harmful rays. The patent-pending formula combines high-grade carnauba wax and silicone sealants to give you outstanding shine and protection.

The carnauba produces a warm, high-impact shine that is the standard in the car care industry while the silicone sealants bond the shine to the paint to create the long-lasting durability typical of a synthetic wax, a beautiful, wet shine and protection from the sun, acid rain, and pollution for up to 5 months!

Optimum Car Wax contains no cleaners or abrasives unlike most waxes on the market. It will not scratch, swirl, or penetrate the clear coat so your vehicle has optimum protection from the elements. The propriety formula not only takes care of your vehicle’s best interest, it is environmentally safe.

The best part is that Optimum is incredibly easy to apply! Spray it onto your vehicle and spread it over the paint with a microfibre cloth No buffing is required to get a gorgeous carnauba shine! Optimum Car Wax even protects vinyl trim and mouldings without staining it.

You don’t have to buy a separate vinyl protectant or struggle with white wax residue. Just spray and wipe! It only takes 15 minutes to wax your whole vehicle and it lasts for up to 5 months.

Give your vehicle optimum shine, protection, and durability with Optimum Car Wax.

504ml (17floz) Spray Bottle.

Customer Reviews

  So easy  This stuff was amazing just a quick spray wipe and thats it, no buffing like with poorboys qw+ and i thought that was good, but this really blows the qw+ away, dont know how long it will last but tbh when its this easy who cares!!    Mark Beardmore - Rolleston on dove

    i have used this just once on my black r32 golf ,the finish is unbelievable highly recomend this wax, for easy use and price .    Paul - portsmouth

  a dream come true   you can polish you whole car in 15 minutes no marks on anything no residue to pick out just brilliant shine as a proffsional driver cleaning large chauffeur cars its perfect!    David Lack - Middlesex

  got this again  i have now purchsed this twice and theres not many products i do that with, but this is definatley a wow product that you will use over and over again and wonder how you managed without it, the only thing that i've found that comes close to this is zymol field glaze and thats way more expensive:)    mark beardmore - rolleston on dove

  Quality American product.  I buy this as it suits my weekly regime of applying a light coating of wax onto just washed paintwork. It is more durable than a quick detailer, and is easy to work with. Doesn't last 'months' but then what would? The only draw back being the rate at which it gets used up.    Phil Murphy - Moray, Scotland

  Good but.......  Works more like a detailing spray. Nice shine but, wax does not last even a week in wet conditions. Still good value for money, and great for a quick wax/shine. Will buy again and use for quick top-ups.    John - Farnborough

PerformanceMotorcare | Car Exterior Cleaning Products | Polishes, Glazes & Waxes |  Optimum Car Wax Liquid Spray 504ml