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Meguiars Clear Plastic Cleaner

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Meguiars Clear Plastic Cleaner

Meguiars Clear Plastic Cleaner

Meguiars Clear Plastic Cleaner is Ideal for clear plastic windows, screens, visors, lens covers etc in your Car, Soft-Top, Motorhome, Caravan, Motorcycle Boat or Aircarft.

Clear plastic that has lost its clarity over time due to contamination and fine scratches can be treated using this Meguiar's Clear Plastic Cleaner.

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze cleaner is a non-abrasive, alcohol-free Plastic Cleaner which aggressively cleans and removes hairline scratches without harming the surface.

This can then be followed up using Meguiars Clear Plastic Polish (10) for a perfect finish. (NOT included in this item). The finishing touch for maximum clarity and brilliance. Meguiar’s Plastic Polish provides the second step in the two-step restoration process for clear plastics. One easy application protects surfaces previously cleaned with the Plastic Cleaner. You will reveal the materials natural brilliance, while leaving behind an anti-static coating that helps repel damaging dust and dirt.

Customer Reviews

  F.A.B. Stuff  I have been using this stuff since 1968 on airplane windscreens. Fantastic. Took the Yellow frost off of Southern california desert-yellowed headlamp lenses, took scratches off my R100RT windscreen, and my Z3 backlight... LIKE NEW!! It dont look much, but its GREAT. Buy with confidence. You will luv    Ken - P'boro

  Excellent Service and superb product  I use this product a lot to clean the plastic windows on my boat. It is easy to apply and leaves a great finish. Add a great product to terrific service and you are in a win win situation.    John Lynham - Chichester

  Absolutely First Class Product  Bought for use on rear window of my wife's 1995 BMW Z3.Best summing up "She was previously driving on wing mirrors only but can now see clearly what is behind" Thoroughly recommended    David Johnson - Burton upon Trent

  Wow - what a great product  I have a 10yr old Z3 and despite only 18000 mileage and garaged all the time, the soft top rear window was becoming ever more opaque. One application of Meguirs cleaner followed by their polish and its 'as new' I kid you not! Thanks Meguirs.    witheld - Cheshire

  Fantastic product!  I should have purchased this product 12 years ago for MX5 mk1. I have been using mirror glaze 10 for the past 10 years, but following a long auto trip abroad had some deeper scratches on the rear screen. Mirror Glaze 17 has made a tremendous difference in clearing those and better clarity.Fantastic    Jeanette - Essex

  An excellent product. Well worth the money.   I bought Meguiars Clear Plastic Cleaner to restore the lid on my 30 year old record deck.It was opaque and scratched. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I had no cause for concern as it literally is like new. I also treated it with anti-static solution which has helped to keep the dust off.    Dcottrell - Middlesbrough

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