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MEGUIARS PLASTX - Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

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MEGUIARS PLASTX - Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

MEGUIARS PLASTX - Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

Meguiar's PlastX is the effective way to remove fine scratches, swirls and oxidation from clear plastic windows, visors, lens covers etc. on your Car, Bike, Motorhome, Caravan or Boat .

This easy to use, rich gel formula quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics. Cutting-edge advancements in Meguiar’s exclusive Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive Technology (MDAT) easily removes oxidation, chemical degradation, contamination, stains and light surface scratches. Plastx also contains long lasting durable protection to keep your plastics clear and beautiful longer. PlastX is non-toxic and does not contain harsh solvents.


Customer Reviews

  It works!!  My second hand car had always had a slightly 'misty eyed' look to the headlights, ever since I bought it. I tried this plastic cleaner and it really has made a difference. I was impressed!    Rowland - Herts

  Did it  From p600 via 12 and 1500 the Plastx finished my 10+yo headlamps to a sparkle. Excellent product.    John - UK

  Brilliant for removing the fog effect  Brilliant for removing the fog effect on perspex windows Can't say they l00k new but can say they are CLEAR Won't remove the scratches but the clarity after only a little work is amazing.. The speed the ordered product reached me was Very Impressive ...Thank you.    Steve Gray - Lincolnshire

  Excellent product  I have used this to polish out scratches on our caravan windows. It removes all but the deepest grooves. Only a small amount is needed and best polished in small sections.    Andy - midlands

  excllent product  A good product, I used this to clear the crazed headlight lenses on my Mustang. A very good product and highly recommended    Saul - Portsmouth

  Fantastic  fantastic service provided in getting the product delivered,good results from product aswell,overall customer service is exceeded and outstanding.    reece -

  great service  used it to get the anti clare of my sat nav screen audi mmi its now clear    -

  Saved the day  Wife left Magic Tree air freshener resting on front of dashboard. Disaster!! shiny plastic front of radio (New Seat Ibiza)was damaged, eaten away by chemicals in air freshener. Loads of research on line decided to try this, lot of elbow grease = success, 95% of marks removed. Fantastic!!    Kevin H - York UK

  Excellent Product  I had a Ford Focus Mark 1 wigh foggy headlights, which would have not passed the next MOT. After one application the headlights were clear and bright - made night time driving a lot clearer. I saved at least 200 over a replacement set of headlights. A second application made them look like new.    Kevin - Essex

  It works well, but needs a lot of effort  I bought the product for crazing on my headlamp covers, which were severe in a small area. I have worked on one for a couple of hours and have just about finished it. It does remove the scratches completely (not just making them less visible as one review implied),but needs persistence    John - Norfolk

PerformanceMotorcare | Products by Type  | Plastic Cleaners & Polishes |  MEGUIARS PLASTX - Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish