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Kent Silicone Hydra Flexy Blade

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Kent Silicone Hydra Flexy Blade

Kent Silicone Hydra Flexy Blade

Dry your Car, Boat, Caravan or Motorhome in HALF the time with these Kent High Quality Silicone Flexy Blades, made of soft medical grade silicone.

These are the original T-Bar Hydra Flexi Blade design.

Used by professional valeters and enthusiasts alike to rapidly dry their vehicles/craft. The flexible silicone blade moulds to the shape of the surface of your vehicle, and whisks away water in a single stroke with 15 times less friction on your paintwork than terry cloth towels.

- T-Bar edge whisks away water
- Soft medical grade silicone will not scratch
- 15-times less friction than terry cloth towels
- Flexible silicone blade moulds to the shape of any surface
- Virtually eliminates messy towels
- Reduces streaking by 80%

Customer Reviews

  Excellent product  Have only had the need to use it once so far but excellent results. Have recommended it almost evry one I have spoken to.    Bill Chester - Hornchurch

  Essential!  A great piece of kit, vastly speeds up washing and drying a waxed car and saves an awful lot of wringing out the drying cloth. Don't dither - buy one now.    Pete - Lindfield

  Kent Silicone Hydra Flexy Blade  I have used this item on my car as soon as it arrived and found it wery useful. It does not take so long to wash the car now as it did before. Great little tool I would advise all people who wash their own car to buy one.    -

  Genuine time saver.  Removes large volumes of water at a stroke. Still need to use with care i.e. DO NOT use in windy weather, DO use immediately after final rinse, and wipe blade with fingers before every sweep. You will still need to use a towel of course. All the same, the drying time in total is minimal.    Graham - Saltburn-by-the-sea

  Buy one now....  I've used these for years and they cut down the time you spend drying the car. Swipe all the water from you car and then finish off around the edges with a microfibre towel. I just can not recommend them highly enough, you will not regret buying one.    CiderFex - Sheffield

  see below  I have used my hdraflexi blade on my present car for the last 8/10 years and has never scratched or marked my paintwork!, it certainly saves a lot of wiping down after washing, or any time the car is wet, we also use in the house foir wiping many surfaces! a great product!    michael polglase - truro cornwall

  Fantastic Piece Of kit  This is a fabulous product if like me you find the whole drying a process a chore. It's so quick you'll hardly believe it! Keep the blade clean and free from debris and your paint is in good hands.    Matthew - Chelmsford

  Very useful  It helps a lot when drying the car. You only have to use a towel in a few places. Reduces the drying time by 50%.    Marco Aurélio - Brazil

  Great product at a great price from a great compan  I bought this and definitely don't regret it: it's a first class blade and sold at a great price. Even if you buy it to simply clear moisture from the windscreen after a long night's dampness, it's well worth it, and much quicker than the usual smaller size 'screen-wipers'. Delivered quickly too!    Richard - Southampton

  Excellent B2B Service.  Excellent service, keen marketplace prices and items dispatched quickly and as described. Would happily use this company again for their products.    David Ferguson - Newport, Monmouthshire

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