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Dry your car, motorhome, caravan or boat in 1/3 of ...
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Autoglym Hi Tech Flexi Water Blade

Autoglym Hi Tech Flexi Water Blade

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Kent Silicone Hydra Flexy Blade

Dry your Car, Boat, Caravan or Motorhome in HALF the ...
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Hydra Flexi Blades - dry your car in half the time

In most cases you cannot apply car wax to a wet vehicle, meaning you have to dry it beforehand.

There are two options here. First, you could dry your car with a microfibre cloth.
Microfibre cloths are very gentle on the bodywork and are a great car exterior care tool, however, this can be a time consuming process and you will need more than one.

The alternative is to invest in Hydra Flexi Blades. Hydra Flexi Blades are specially designed to be used on a car's bodywork, allowing the driver to dry the vehicle in no time.

When used correctly, Hydra Flexi Blades can dry a car three times quicker than a microfibre cloth can.
Hydra Flexi Blades can also be used on the car's windows.

After applying and rinsing off car windscreen cleaner, you can use your Hydra Flexi Blades to dry the glass without leaving any streaks.

If you are serious about car detailing and making your vehicle shine above all others, Hydra Flexi Blades are a must.

At Performance Motorcare, we have Hydra Flexi Blades from top manufacturers such as Kent and Autoglym.

After just one use of your Hydra Flexi Blades, you will realise what essential items they are.

Hydra Flexi Blades - how do I use them?

Using Hydra Flexi Blades couldn't be simpler. Hydra Flexi Blades are made out of top-quality silicon which, as the name suggests, is extremely flexible.

After you have washed your vehicle with car shampoo and rinsed it, you will need to dry it before you apply car wax or car polish.

Leaving it out in the sun is not a good idea as this will leave water spots, while drying with a microfibre cloth will give you good results but take a lot longer.

With Hydra Flexi Blades, you simply place them on the bodywork and drag them across the paint.

Their flexibility means they scoop up water effortlessly, allowing you to dry your car three times quicker than it would normally take.

Using Hydra Flexi Blades really is that simple. It is a similar story with the windows.

After using glass cleaner, you simply run the Hydra Flexi Blades down the glass and scoop off all the water.

No matter how curvaceous your vehicle is, you can use Hydra Flexi Blades to dry it off in no time, as their special design means they mould and adapt to different contours.

With Hydra Flexi Blades, you do not have to worry about streaks and after you have used them, you can finish the job off with a microfibre cloth should you so wish.

Afterwards, you can apply car wax or car polish to a super dry body.

Hydra Flexi Blades - do a better job

Car exterior care is about going the extra mile to make your vehicle look the best it can.

At Performance Motorcare, we sell all the car exterior care products you need to make you proud to own your motor.

For us, Hydra Flexi Blades are a no-brainer - they dry the car in double-quick time and virtually eliminate any of the usual problems associated with drying your car.

Buy Hydra Flexi Blades from Performance Motorcare

Performance Motorcare is a leading retailer of Hydra Flexi Blades and other car care products.

We are experts when it comes to maintaining the inside and outside of vehicles and you can contact us to assist you with any queries you may have concerning Hydra Flexi Blades and many other car exterior cleaning products.

The backbone of our operations is our dedication to customer service. Should your Hydra Flexi Blades be damaged in transit, we will offer replacements free of charge after receiving written notification within seven days.

We have an extensive range of Hydra Flexi Blades along with many other products, including applicator pads, chamois leathers and metal, chrome and aluminium polish.

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