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Gliptone Leather Scented Air Freshner

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Gliptone Leather Scented Air Freshener - Lasts for Months

Gliptone Leather Scented Air Freshener - Lasts for Months

Put the smell of traditional Leather back into your car.

Gliptone have been producing Liquid Leather leather smelling conditioner for many years and it has gained a reputation for being the only product on the market that really does give that traditional and authentic smell of leather, like the interior of Rolls-Royces and Jaguars, no other product has been able to match the smell.

A major problem with Air Freshening sprays and creams that are supposed to smell of leather, but actually don’t, is that once on the leather you cannot remove the smell, your stuck with it until in fades, Gliptone’s approach is different, because their system is an impregnated aroma card, if you don’t like the smell, simply remove the card, or if you want it stronger, add another card, it couldn’t be more simple.

What’s different about a Liquid Leather Air Freshener ?

Liquid Leather Air Fresheners are dipped, not sprayed and therefore have 60% more scent content.

They are allowed to dry naturally not force dried, this gives 20% more scent retention.

They contain no chemicals that will damage leather, plastic or metal finishes. Which means you can safely hang it from heater/indicator controls etc.

They are totally manufactured in the UK using only best quality card.

How long do they last? Many months NOT weeks.

They have been tested for over a 12 month period and they still smelt of leather. The ambient temperature of the car can affect the longevity. If the interior of the car is very hot this will obviously shorten the life of the air freshener.

Single Leather Scented Air Freshener in Sealed Packaging.

Customer Reviews

  Smells just like leather  Other reviews have put the life of this at only 2 weeks. Mine is still wreaking of leather 6 weeks on. As soon as I get in the car, it smells of new leather. It does say high temperatures inside the car will sorten its life which is why I put mine in my glove box where its cooler. Recommended.    -

  Best I have found  Milk spilt in car and could not get rid of the smell! This cured the problem and I like the smell but my wife hates it. At least it has cured the milk smell and I am very pleased with it because of this. Lasting well so far and a lot better than any other air fresheners I had previously tried    Stuart Green - Lymington

   Actually smells like leather  Really great product that actually smells like leather. Superb service, really great company. Have used before and will definitely keep using.    Chris - Poole

  car smells of real leather  I love the smell of my car, every time i get in it smells like new. had these air freshners a couple of weeks so dont know how long they last yet.    Terry - Nottinghamshire

  Top quality item that works so well!  Sure you could just impregnete your polishing cloth with the fantastic Gliptone leather conditioner and leave it hidden somewhere and enjoy the leather aroma...but, this product achieves this so much easier!    John Tait - Crieff, Perthshire

  Very good product  I can`t understand the negative reviews regarding the smell, then we are all different. For me it does the job very well and lasts a reasonable time, A bit pricy, though the three for two offer makes it more palatable    Neil Webster - Preston

  An authentic smell  These really do smell like the genuine article and despite what some customers have reported they do lasts longer than 2 weeks. 3 for 2 bargain -Highly recommended - I MAY ALSO ADD THAT THE SERVICE FROM THESE GUYS IS FIRST CLASS.    David - Essex

  Great Product  These are brilliant just like the real thing smell is great every time i get into the car ,dont miss out a must buy and once again very quick delivery from performancemotorcare.....    Rab - Isle Of Man

  Very Nice Product  Would/will buy and use again.Great sevice also.    Andy - Kent

  Scented Airfreshner  Excellant and the best I have ever had. Been in the car now for approx 5wks and still as scented as first day. Just remember to position out of the sun    -

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