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Gliptone GT12 Leather Cleaner

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Gliptone GT12 Leather Cleaner

Gliptone GT12 Leather Cleaner

This mild yet concentrated cleaner for all sealed leathers:

- Is pH balanced to the pH of fine leather

- Cleans safely and thoroughly

- Restores the natural beauty and resiliency of leather as it cleans with out harmful removal of natural oils

- Preserves strength and durability

The picture below shows a genuine Jaguar seat half of which has only been cleaned and conditioned - it has NOT been re-coloured. The cleaning has been done with Liquid Leather Cleaner.

Cleaned Leather with Gliptone GT12 Leather Cleaner

The cleaner was applied neat from the bottle and GENTLY STIRRED into the leather with a soft bristled nail style leather cleaning brush. YOU MUST NOT SCRUB. After stirring into the leather, leave for a few minutes then stir again, finally wiping off the dirt with a damp cloth; repeat if necessary. Then apply two coats of Liquid Leather Conditioner GT11; this will soak in immediately, no polishing off is required if you apply sparingly, and a couple of hours later you can use the leather.

Each bottle contains 250ml of liquid leather cleaner.

Not suitable for Suede for Nubuck (suede like) leather items.

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Customer Reviews

  RELIABLE AND EFFECTIVE  Purchased the Gliptone leather care cleaner and conditioner plus appropriate brush and micro fibre cloths and have been very happy with all aspects. The cleaner made a significant difference to the leather,where other products had failed,and I shall continue to use these products on both my cars.    -

  Fantastic product  Saved me buying a new set of seats for my old Merc, they now look like new, worked really well in bringing back to life, used with the conditioner. Meguiars Hi tec applicator pads are great for applying just the right amount without wasting. Great service from Performance Motor Care, thanks guys.    Jake Adam - Exeter

  GLIPTONE LEATHER CARE  This is the best leather cleaner and at the best price. I have used it on my new BMW for 4 years; it was recommended by a Mercedes owner who insists on the very best. Used in conjunction with the Leather Conditioner it produces perfect results.    HP - Cheshire

  Simply the best  As leather cleaners go this is just the best cleaner there is. I bought my first bottle after using others and there is no contest. For best results use Gliptone Conditioner it does really smell of leather, leaves leather lush.    Stuart - Scotland

  Fantastic, really deep cleaning power.  Removes dirt and grime you didnt even know was there. Definatly a product id happily recommend.    Rich B -

  The best leather cleaner!  It is the best leather cleaner i have ever used. It removed all dirt, even dirt that eye cannot see. I fully reccomend it!    Konstantinos - Greece

  Brilliant  Bought this because my seats looked a bit dirty and tired. Never really sure when people write reviews whether they are true or not. Thay are, this stuff is absolutely great, and especially if you love the smell of leather when you get into your car every time!!!......    Nick - Oxfordshire

  The best leather cleaner I have ever bought!  Gliptone Leather Cleaner is quite simply the best leather cleaner I have ever bought. So simple to use and fantastic results every time.    Simon Riley - Hythe, Kent

  Great all round product!  Bought this for my mercedes and had some left over so tried it on my very light coloured leather three piece suite. Worked an absolute treat so excellent product if you have leather furniture as well.    Sandra - Essex

  Great for new and old  My car is only 5 years old but this product, combined with Gliptone Leather Conditioner leaves the seats soft, supple and the car filled with the smell of new leather. I would heartily recommend both products if your leather seats are starting to look shabby.    Info Rhino - Belfast

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