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Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner

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Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner

Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner

A non-greasy, non-oily cream which soaks into your leather within seconds, softening and restoring its suppleness. Suitable for all sealed and semi Aniline leathers this respected conditioner:

- Preserves the unique, natural qualities & beauty of your leather

- Breathes new life & resiliency into neglected leather

- Prolongs the life & luster of your leather seats

- Requires no vigorous rubbing

- Restores the feel and scent of new leather to your seats

Leather Before Using Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner Conditioned Leather with Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner

The first picture above shows that before treatment the leather is cracking - this is because of the ingrained dirt; after treatment the dirt is removed and the crack can close up, as seen in the picture next to it.

Each bottle contains 250ml of pH neutral conditioner.

Not suitable for Suede for Nubuck (suede like) leather items.

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Customer Reviews

  Never fails to impress  I've used this product many times since first having it recomended to me 20yrs ago by fellow classic Jaguar enthusiasts. I have seen many times the sometimes remarkable results produced on 'tired' leather seats and if used regularly in cojunction with the Gliptone cleaner it never disapoints.    Pauline W. - North East

  Lovely smell  Does what it says on the bottle. Interior smells gorgeous    -

  I love it  I do own a couple of classic cars with original leather interior. Im a big fan of Meguiars products and have the entire line of their products. When it comes to leather though - Glipton beats everything else I have tried. This is by far the best leather care product I am aware of. Great stuff!    Gerald - Austria

  Fantastic  Great product, works really well    Jake - Exeter

  Believe in restored leather  I expected marvels from this product. Initially I was disappointed, but later,when I put on additional coats - and leaving them overnight/buffing up the next day - I came to believe that this product works.I really saw an improvement in the look,feel and smell of my,(10 yr old),car seats.Good stuff.    ian - Brighton

  does this work ? ill say it does  This is my third re-order, and forth bottle of this terrific product,I think that says it all really    Lady Kristal Martin - ESSEX

    I started using gliptone gt11 leather conditioner on my leather suite a year ago,recommended by the salesman,keeps that lovely leather smell,and keeps my suite like new. highly recommend this product...and the service is top class...    Bernadette -

  Gives great soft leather feel and smell. Perfect  When used after the gliptone leather cleaner is stunning. gives the leather back its soft feel and tha lovely smell, the more you use it the better it becomes. Very easy to use, rub in, allow to soak in then buff off. Simple.    Rich B -

  Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner  I have had a leather suite for 7 years and try to look after as much as possible. I have used other recommended products but have to say Gliptone GT11 is the best of all. I use it more frequently than required but it keeps my suite soft, supple and in good condition.    -

    Fantastic Great product, works really well, highly recommend    Linda - Newbury, Berks

PerformanceMotorcare | Products by Brand | Gliptone Liquid Leather |  Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner