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Ditch That Sponge! - Why NOT using a sponge to wash you car could help save you £££'s

Have you ever wondered, how, despite how careful you have been in washing your car or bike, that when the sun glimses your newly washed paintwork all you see is masses of really annoying round swirl marks and fine scratches? Just how do they get there? How can you make them disappear?

My name is Rob and along with my wife Ali we have been involved in the motor and detailing trade for over 15 years. We started Performance Motorcare back in 2003 when we realised we were not the only ones having difficulty finding the latest in detailing guidance, tools and products in the UK.

And if after these last 15 years, there is one piece of detailing advice I would have to give over and above anything else - it's Ditch That Sponge! Let me take a moment to explain why....

When I first got into detailing in a serious way, I would spend a whole weekend on a car (in between travelling up and down the country to car shows, I was buying and selling at the time). So late on Sunday afternoon I would stand back and admire the shine and my work, knowing I had probably just added at least 400 to the value of the car.

Later in the week if the car hadn't sold I would give it a quick wash down with a good shampoo mix and a sponge.

Even after practicing Safe Washing, with the two bucket method I soon started to notice fine swirls and scratches appearing. I couldn't understand it - I had been so careful and the car had hardly moved all week.

It wasn't until a trip to the states and a chance conversation with a real hard core Harley enthusiast that the horrible truth emerged. It was the sponge.

Without realising it I had been dragging minute particles that were still left on the bodywork, across the newly polished paintwork, causing these fine swirls.

Fortunately he had the answer and let me into his secret. And after taking his advice I have never looked back, managing to keep those swirls and scratches at bay.

And with an average, well looked after, swirl and scratch free, 3 year old family saloon being typically worth 1000 more at re-sale than the same car in poor condition, there are some simple steps you too can take to protect the value of your car.

So to find out the secret of what that wise Harley owner shared with me simply send me your details below and I will gladly email you the details.


PS - I will also share with you many other tips and tricks of the trade to protect the value of your motor as well as keeping it gleaming .

Best wishes