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"I would really like to get a mirror like shine on my car and even add some extra £££'s to it's value. But what products do I need, in what order and how do I use them"

Never before has it been so possible to access such a range of professional quality products and tools to bring back and keep that showroom shine on your motor.

And now with the click of a mouse you can do just that.

But this is just the start. It takes more than buying the right products and tools.

What products do you need to buy to achieve the results you want, in the time you have available? What order do you use them in and just how do you use them to get the best results?


How you can quickly master the car polishing and waxing learning curve.

Using the wrong products or tools or in the wrong combinations can sometimes do more harm than good.

That is why we have put together our guides to getting that showroom shine (or as they say in the trade - detailing), starting with a five step email guide to help you quickly master the basics of detailing.

Here are some of the things you will discover:

  • The correct tools to use to wash and detail your motor and which commonly used tools can actually do more harm than good.
  • One of detailings best kept secrets including what it is, how it works and how best to use it.
  • How to remove and keep away those annoying and unsightly round swirls and fine scratches
  • When and how to use the right paint cleaners, polishes, waxes or sealants. What is the difference and what difference will they make to you motor.


Our FREE guides quickly give you the basics of professional style detailing delivered directly to your email.

These guides are packed full of practical, best practice guidance and personal hints and tips developed and collected in over 15 years of detailing.

"Rob, Your wisdom and experience is GREATLY appreciated - Fred H"

"Hi Rob, Thanks very much for this extremely useful tip. Keep up the good work - your website and tips are first class. John P W."

"Rob, Not sure which Harley man you spoke to, but I totally agree with him. I have a black Fat Boy and suffer no swirl marks at all for the reasons you state. Thanks for the email. - R Davis"

"Hi Rob & Ali, these tips are great. At the moment i am seriously considering starting up a valeting company. Is there any chance you could point me in the right direction? Best regards. - Keith M."

To get started on your route to detailing and showroom shine success today.

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