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Atom Motorcycle Dryer - NEW

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Atom Motorcycle Dryer - NEW

Atom Motorcycle Dryer - NEW

The Atom Motorcycle Dryer quickly and safely blasts water and moisture out of every gap and crevice on your motorbike, leaving it dry, free of water spots and ready to ride in just minutes.

The Atom Motorcycle Dryers are completely safe for all your paint and chrome finishes and are ideal for those who want features and performance in a compact lightweight design.

Incorporating an easy clean airfilter that filters the air before powering it through to your bike ensuring only clean dust free air is being used to blast the water and moisture off your bike.

The Atom Motorcycle Dryer also features variable power, an integrated heating element and three interchangeable drying nozzles. Suitable for both enthusiast and professional use.

Features Include:
1000w direct airflow (DAF) motor
1000w integrated heating element
Variable air speed
Changeable air temperature
Easy clean foam air filter
2 metre flexible high-pressure hose
3 interchangeable hose attachments - conical, concentrator and fan
Weighs only 5.4kg
2.3m mains cable
Made from 2.5mm thick rolled steel, with robust plastic moulded end-caps
TPO 2000W @ 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz

Customer Reviews

  Really pleased  I still use a chamois to get rid of the easy to get water but this beast is excellent at getting water from the cracks and crevices. It often thins droplets onto a surface where it quickly evaporate. A wipe with a rag, oily or otherwise, finishes the bike spot on. Well made of solid construction.    Peter B - Kendal

  Good value for money  I bought my Atom Motorcycle Dryer to dry my 3 Newfoundland dogs!!!! Same machine as on several pet websites, but cheaper, delivered much quicker and cheaper, and the transaction was followed-up withexcellent customer care. I MIGHT use it to dry my 750cc Lawn Tractor.    Stuart D.McLeod - Orkney

  BRILLIANT!  I'm very anal when it comes to cleaning my bike. I have been using water softeners but the company is no more. Enter the Atom. I purchased a while ago but only just used it today. I am absolutely blown away (see what I did there?!) Cleared the water and dried the bike fantastically well. Very happy!    Steven - London

  Great Product  I have wanted one for years but never got around to it. It has surpassed all my expectations. The hose could do with being a bit longer though. I have even managed to get my children to clean the bike as long as they can use the Dryer. Compared to a drying towel there is no contest,    Andrew - West Sussex

  Atom Motorcycle dryer  Why wasn't this out 20 years ago,for half the price of a decent set of boots, you spend 10 minutes going over your bike with this simple but very effective blower and everything dry, i was amazed just how much water is held in the radiator and oil cooler alone.Gets where the chamois cant !.    Godfrey Meese - Monmouthshire


  Excellent Bike Dryer  This Atom dryer is a brilliant piece of kit at a fraction of the cost of one from Harley Davidson suppliers. Blows all the water off the bike with a warmed steady supply of variable intensity air. Then a quick rub over with a tech fibre cloth, on with the polish and a beautiful shiny bike.Thank You    Peter - Portsmouth

  Good product  It may actually take a bit longer than drying with a chamois or cloth but this product really does get rid of every drop of water from more annoying streaks! The only downside to this product is that the power cord and hose could be longer.    Kris - Jersey

    I've been using an Airforce Blaster for the past couple of year I'm keen to see how this compares. This looks and feels like it's put together better and it doesn't keep rolling off it's feet like the Blaster did. Also a controlable heater is a better idea. The hose does need to be longer though!    Shiny Bike Syndrome - Newbury

  Very Good Product  Would be a lot better if the hose and electrical cord were longer.    Allan - Portsmouth

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